For charging hubs

With eccovia, charging hubs become successful - even on greenfield sites

A charging hub is successful when people like to use it. eccovia’s modular buildings are optimally matched to your brand and complement the existing charging hub. We take care of the operational side of things – and work with you to ensure the best possible charging experience.

eccovia provides infrastructure and service for your charging hub

Sanitary facilities

Cafes and bistros

Meeting rooms

Business areas

Smart Stores

Interieur von eccovia

eccovia provides and operates the optimal infrastructure of charging hubs. The individual modules are optimally matched to the CPO’s brand.

The European market for electric vehicles offers high potential for Charge Point Operator (CPO) and is growing rapidly. The EU has ambitious plans for this: one million charging points are to be available by 2025.

Highway charging hub locations are limited, expensive, and do not meet the needs of all users. In order to make alternative areas attractive for users of public charging stations, eccovia as an Electric Forecourt Operator (EFO) is developing the appropriate infrastructure. By providing restrooms, vending machines and cafes, business areas, and even 24/7 smart stores, charging hubs are becoming centers of electromobility.

Drivers of electric vehicles can make the most of their time and enjoy the kind of charging experience they want. As CPO, you provide the charging stations, eccovia develops and builds the modular infrastructure – visually coordinated with your brand. All operational services that are important for an optimal charging experience are also covered by eccovia.


Together we create charging hubs that inspire your customers

You provide the charging solution, we create a framework that excites your customers. Reliability, safety and cleanliness are core values that characterize eccovia’s offer and from which your brand will benefit.

Satisfied users

The additional offer next to the charging stations increases the satisfaction of your customers. Safety and cleanliness are ensured by eccovia.

Additional monetization

By offering additional modules, the possibilities for monetizing the space increase, for example, through vending machines, café or meeting room bookings.

Addition of charging hubs

The infrastructure developed by eccovia increases the attractiveness of charging hubs. The equipment also makes rural charging hubs attractive.

Modular construction

Depending on your needs, you can choose from different modules. Possible options include business areas, smart stores or cafés.

Open around the clock

The modules do not require permanent staff on site. Operation is possible around the clock, seven days a week, thanks to intelligent systems.

Managed service

The infrastructure provided by eccovia is managed by our own staff. From refilling the vending machines to the janitor, everything is included.

Whitelabel solution

The infrastructure is developed and built by eccovia. The setup and branding of all modules is perfectly aligned with your brand.

Access control

All eccovia modules have intelligent and monitored access control, which can also be used for booking meeting rooms and payment.

Video surveillance makes you feel safe. As well as bright premises and glazed fronts.

Infrastructure for charging hubs

High-quality, sustainable and energy-efficient - the building modules from eccovia

Supplementing your charging hub with building modules from eccovia increases the attractiveness for users and allows you to create additional income. Decide between three prefabricated <span style=”color: #299574;”>EFO-</span>solutions, which are recommended for as few as six charging stations.

Size S: eccovia "Forecourt Box
eccovia Gebäudemodul klein

Small footprint

weather protected and roofed

Vending machines for snacks and drinks

Digital advertising display for marketing

Whitelabel: Branding to your brand

recommended from 6 charging stations


Sales opportunities

chilled soft drinks
digital advertising

Optional equipment

Toilet facilities
Video surveillance
Size M: eccovia "Modular Lounge
eccovia Gebäudemodul mittel

digital advertising display

Whitelabel: Branding to your brand

integrated smart store with consumer goods

Toilet facilities (Da / He / barrier-free)

Lounge and meeting rooms

Outdoor seating

recommended from 12 charging stations

Toilet facilities

self-cleaning, Da / He / barrier-free, changing table


Relaxation area with coffee & snacks, WiFi

Business section

well-equipped meeting rooms with WiFi

Smart store

with over 300 products, 24/7 without staff


Size L: eccovia "eBusiness Center
eccovia Gebäudemodul groß

2-storey customer center

Whitelabel: Branding to your brand

Integrated smart store with consumer goods

High-quality toilet facilities for women, men and as a barrier-free solution

Lounge and meeting rooms

Outdoor seating

Bistro Café

recommended from 18 charging stations

Bistro Café

Reception, kitchen, sitting areas

Smart store

with over 300 products, 24/7 without staff

Entrance hall

Restroom facility, service/pick-up station


Staff rooms, storage rooms, technology

First floor

Single offices

Flexible use of 6 smaller rooms

Coworking Area

6-8 workstations and 4 telephone booths

Meeting rooms

1 large, 3 medium and 6 smaller rooms

Outdoor terrace

Seating and space to relax

1st floor

Individual solutions
Interieur von eccovia


Combine the modules of eccovia flexibly to adapt them optimally to your loading park. Choose between different trim levels and colors to customize eccovia to your brand.

Individual solutions

Vending machines

Coffee, chilled drinks and snacks

Toilet facilities

self-cleaning, Da / He / barrier-free

Bistro Café

with own kitchen and seats


comfortable furniture, WiFi, fully air-conditioned

Smart store

with over 300 products, 24/7 without staff

Entrance hall

Restroom facility, service/pick-up station

Single offices

Flexible use of 6 smaller rooms

Coworking Area

6-8 workstations and 4 telephone booths

Meeting rooms

1 large, 3 medium and 6 smaller rooms

Outdoor terrace

Seating and space to relax

Create a clean, safe and comfortable place for your customers to enjoy with eccovia.

360° service

Excellent processes from eccovia ensure satisfaction for you and your customers

As Electric Forecourt Operator (EFO) eccovia takes care of all processes around your charging park so that you can concentrate on your core business. Reduce your operational effort and optimize your costs with eccovia’s 360° service.
Provision eccovia app

From access control and booking of meeting rooms to payment in the bistro: everything is done directly via the app provided by eccovia.

Operation of the Smart Store

eccovia's Smart Stores are open 24/7 and are operated without staff. In the process, eccovia also organizes category management.

Regional delicacies

In the bistro café, friendly eccovia employees offer a regionally adapted range of food and drinks.

Waste disposal

Waste disposal is carried out centrally or via regional waste disposal companies. In doing so, eccovia attaches great importance to recycling and the correct utilization of recyclable materials.

Building maintenance

To keep eccovia's building modules in optimum condition, regular maintenance is carried out, such as replacing light bulbs.

Cleaning the buildings

Trained specialists regularly clean the areas of the building modules and sanitary facilities - for a clean and attractive appearance.

Security services

The building modules from eccovia are equipped with access control via app and surveillance cameras.

Refilling the vending machines

eccovia employees regularly refill your customers' favorite snacks and ensure that the vending machines are working properly.

Provision WiFi

To enable your customers to make optimal use of the building modules in lounge and business areas, eccovia provides WiFi in desired areas.

Parking lot & winter service

To ensure that the charging stations, access roads and entrances are always optimally accessible, eccovia takes care of cleaning and clearing during the winter months.

Customer hotline

For your customers, eccovia's customer service is available by phone for all questions and concerns.

Operation of advertising displays

The advertising displays integrated into the facades and inside the building modules are equipped with advertising content by eccovia.


Scale the success of your charging hubs with eccovia's solutions

All eccovia building modules can be customized to match your brand’s individual branding. This includes branding on and in the buildings, as well as the selection of components (chairs, desks, lighting…), their materials and colors.

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As charging infrastructure experts, we understand the needs of CPOs and electric vehicle drivers. With eccovia you create a positive charging experience and increase the attractiveness of your charging hubs. We will be happy to explain how this is possible – write to us!

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